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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alexis Ebert, Sony Records visits Bend, Oregon for COCC event

@misstrade from @localbuttah chats up Alexis Ebert live in Bend, Oregon at The Oxford Hotel. Already a recording artist veteran at age 19 (yes, one-nine), Alexis Ebert tells us what song she thinks Elvis Costello might play of hers. We find quickly why she was signed so early as she offers us a beautiful acoustic version of her Lonely Boy song.
This occurred about 20 minutes after her arrival at The Oxford Hotel which was proceeded by a tough cross country trek that originated in her current hometown of Nashville, TN. Alexis is an Oregon native and spent a few years in another music mecca, Branson, MO.

Concert info:
@localbuttah, @misstrade, @oxfordhotel,

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