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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

@garyfulkerson goes @michaeljackson #inbend @oxfordhotel

@garyfulkerson strums beautiful music with his unique style and real life songwriting. See if you can figure out where Gary busts out a little @jacko move and sound (sorry Gary!).
@localbuttah @misstrade @lowerdlowerd
Bend Oregon hotel,

@elephantrevival stomps gypsy song for @localbuttah #inbend

@elephantrevival cranks a cool gypsy song and entertained the @oxfordhotel crew. This was the 3rd song where they showed the skill and brought about our awareness of their growing greatness.
Bend, Oregon @lowerdlowerd, @localbuttah

@starbucks does butter, 50cent refills #inbend @localbuttah

Our friends @starbucks order up a 'buttah' coffee drink for @misstrade and @juligalli. They talk about refills, calories and popular drinks #inbend. @lowerdlowerd

Friday, April 23, 2010

@927mike lets the 'buttah' boyz On Air #inbend

Mike Thomas @927mike shoots hoops (nothing like a little film editing), talk internet, indie bands, viral music and fan interaction with @localbuttah, @misstrade and @lowerdlowerd. Mike and 92.7 do a great job supporting local and indie music-thanks!, @927mike, @localbuttah, #inbend

Thursday, April 22, 2010

@theautonomics @oxfordhotel gym [almost] unplugged #inbend

@theautonomics [almost] unplugged at @oxfordhotel Bend Oregon. 3 local guys appear to have dialed in a great formula for music.

@nancyps #inbend lots of buttah

Nancy and apparently Bend, Oregon are not afraid of a little butter. Everything made from scratch makes everything sooooooooo tasty, everyday.
Go get your 1-2 hour extreme workout in, then stop by Nancy Ps for a little treat.

tip: Nancy says use unsalted butter for baking.

@techspacebend #inbend incubator Bend OR @localbuttah

Lewis Howell gives the low down on a new tech work space in Bend Oregon. #inbend now has a tech incubator space to help evolve the new knowledge based economy in Bend, OR.
Robert Keifer, Lewis Howell and Dan Hobin took the initiative on their own to make things happen. THK U! @localbuttah, @lowerdlowerd

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

@G5SMarketing rocks it Friday #inbend @localbuttah

@G5SMarketing hoopin it up with the mgt and troops. A silicon valley culture exists in the mtn town of Bend, Oregon. Work hard, play hard seem to be the theme here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

@thumpcoffee bend oregon: the peeps and art #inbend

the baristas demo their skills and kent talks about the importance of training and dedicated coffee employees, #inbend bend oregon, @misstrade, @localbuttah, @lowerdlowerd

Monday, April 19, 2010

@thumpcoffee's culture Bend Oregon @localbuttah #inbend

kent chapple, owner of thump coffee, spends a few minutes with @misstrade and @localbuttah to share some innerworkings of Thump Coffee's culture of high quality coffee and people. This is part 1 so stay tuned for a few more as kent talks about running a busy retail op and a start up family.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Frontier Ruckus rooftop @OXFORDHOTEL Bend Oregon #inbend

Frontier Ruckus brings their beautiful music to the rooftop of @OXFORDHOTEL on a stunning day in Bend, Oregon #inbend @localbuttah video Distributed by Tubemogul. For Avett Brothers fans out there, FR has the same management team.

Oh yeah, FR plays a little Muppet Babies theme song music as the bonus track., @localbuttah, @misstrade, @lowerdlowerd @frontierruckus

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bill Valenti investment 'bankster' turned activist musician (with humor) #inbend

@misstrade sits down with Bill Valenti to learn how a successful investment banker and entrepreneur moves to Bend Oregon to become a supercharged political singer, songwriter and musician.
Bill's first song is about the how John Day, Oregon fought off the skin heads moving their HQ to this sleepy little town. Watch the next few segments as Bill picks up the pass of jumping head first into ludicrous issues challenging the U.S. today.
@localbuttah, @lowerdlowerd

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the marketing dept. in Bend, Oregon visited by the Rooster from #inbend

@misstrade (aka The Rooster) pays a visit to the marketing dept. at their office in NWX. While the marketing dept. provide expert marketing and advertising services to businesses in Bend and Central Oregon, The Rooster deviates from business and talks about more important issues like older men, women's need and [of course] buttah.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Christi Hicks Gear Pockets formation discussed with @joannavanvleck learns about Christy Hicks's design process and traveling to China to source these cool new products. Bend Oregon should keep their eyes open for this hot new start up company conceived locally. Christy has the resume and contacts to make this a big hit.

Broken Top club Bend Oregon New Chef Mulder previews the restaurant with @misstrade

Broken Top's new Executive Chef Mulder talks about organic food, CSA veggies, organic meat and poultry and other fun topics for Broken Top in 2010.

Widgi Creek Bend Oregon golf review #inbend @misstrade @lowerdlowerd

@misstrade and @lowerdlowerd stop by Widgi Creek golf club to get the 2010 preview. Great spring offer for a high quality golf course.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bend OR new start up company @juligalli @localbuttah #inbend

@juligalli discovers a new consumer products company based in Bend OR. Veteran entrepreneur Christy Hicks talks about her trip to China to meet the manufacturers of her 'gear pockets' and 'simply stashed' high end consumer storage products she designed under her Christi Designs company.
Christi talks about the rough life people have in China and eating chicken feet. We are proud to be an American!

@lowerdlowerd, @juligalli, @localbuttah, @misstrade Bend Oregon golf preview with @misstrade #inbend @localbuttah

@misstrade stops by Broken Top golf club to get a preview from Broken Top's GM on this year's course changes, heads up on the new chef, Summit high school golf team, membersgips and more...
@lowerdlowerd, @localbuttah

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#masters glf preview Augusta GA by @localbuttah reporter #inbend golf

Live broadcast from a reporter and an Augusta GA native. We will attempt to get the real stories about Tiger Woods this week, corporate spending, the azaleas and more.

As with anything these days, media reporting only tells you what you want to hear and not the real stories. We won't be taking the haters point of view, as we love Augusta National and #Masters, but rather try to uncover some fun facts.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

@aapl #ipad reviewed at Bend Oregon's Connecting Point Apple store #inbend

@misstrade checks out new #iPad with Connecting Point's Patrick. Patrick shows us the hot new iPad and discusses its many slick features.

Thomas L Friedman startup company support and new #ipad release #inbend

@misstrade and @lowerdlowerd discuss Friedman's article about supporting start-up companies vs terrible industries like the auto industry.
We also highlight Apple's iPad release in Bend Oregon., #ipad
#inbend,, @misstrade, @lowerdlowerd

Elephant Revival Sing to the Mountain @oxfordhotel Bend Oregon #inbend

This awesome new group tells how ER formed and the inspiration behind their cool name.
Uncut acoustic version of their Sing to the Mountain song draws applauds from the Oxford Hotel Bend's staff.
@elephantrevival , @lowerdlowerd , @misstrade, @localbuttah

Friday, April 2, 2010

Elephant Revival takes folk music to a new place. Bend, Oregon @oxfordhotel #folkmusic review>

This week I was reminded why to never judge too quickly. @misstrade and I were waiting at The Oxford Hotel (Bend, OR's only swank hotel) when we saw this white bus with Baptist Revival Church emblazoned on the side only to be occupied by our guests. Very pleasant people though certainly a earthy tone to them. I wasn't going to be surprised if we heard some Dead knock offs. We all went downstairs to where we were going to film and then one of the gals put on some long leather driving gloves with sharp metal points tied on the end. I thought maybe the daughter of Freddy was here to slice me up for prejudging.

About 5 minutes later, I found myself speechless and with a cleansed mind. Elephant Revival's Bonnie and the 'Ring around the Moon' song will put a ring around your mind and pulls you to become an instant fan. All 5 members are extremely talented but close your eyes and listen to the song. You will want to believe Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs just put out a new song.

They describe their music as Transcendental Folk. All I can tell you is that a few of their songs are worthy of national radio.

I went to see them later for their show and enjoyed all the flavors they offered. All 5 have cool voices and are equal musicians. Sweet Bonnie exposes an ability to create brilliant sounds and rhythms from about anything one could find at a rummage sale. They had a few guests join them which turned it up a notch or two. Listen out for what could become an Oregon anthem: 'Rogue River.'

Check to see if they will be touring near you:

@localbuttah , @misstrade , @lowerdlowerd , @tweetdeck , @twitter

Thursday, April 1, 2010

@localbuttah Hens sunglass shopping in Bend Oregon

@juligalli and @joannavanvleck check in with Sports Vision (Bend, OR) to try on 2010's new styles and get a few tips from the owner. The Hens think 2010 styles are working well for the ladies.

#inbend , @localbuttah , @visitbend , ,

#inbend Final 4 and Oregon Ducks bball @misstrade @lowrdlowerd @localbuttah

@misstrade and @lowerd chat up Final 4 and Oregon Ducks bball

@thedimes acoustic version of John Lennon's Watching the Wheels #inbend Bend Oregon @oxfordhotel

The Dimes sat down with @localbuttah for a discussion on history and treated us to a terrific version of John Lennon's Watching the Wheels. Johnny and Pierre tell the story of how they embarked on writing music based on American history stories. Talked us thru a few of th

@thedimes , , , @petmarmoset ,@localbuttah , @mezlove , , @oxfordhotel

@normansongs part 2 Why Oregon defines their music? #inbend Bend Oregon @oxfordhotel

Norman is made up of 5 Oregon Natives. They love Oregon and talk about how Oregon's surrounds influence their music and friendships.

Norman plays their new title track song 'Hey Hey Make a Wish.' Wonderful acoustic sound complimented by Eric singing and the group harmonizing.
@localbuttah, @misstrade, @lowerdlowerd, @normansongs