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Friday, April 2, 2010

Elephant Revival takes folk music to a new place. Bend, Oregon @oxfordhotel #folkmusic review>

This week I was reminded why to never judge too quickly. @misstrade and I were waiting at The Oxford Hotel (Bend, OR's only swank hotel) when we saw this white bus with Baptist Revival Church emblazoned on the side only to be occupied by our guests. Very pleasant people though certainly a earthy tone to them. I wasn't going to be surprised if we heard some Dead knock offs. We all went downstairs to where we were going to film and then one of the gals put on some long leather driving gloves with sharp metal points tied on the end. I thought maybe the daughter of Freddy was here to slice me up for prejudging.

About 5 minutes later, I found myself speechless and with a cleansed mind. Elephant Revival's Bonnie and the 'Ring around the Moon' song will put a ring around your mind and pulls you to become an instant fan. All 5 members are extremely talented but close your eyes and listen to the song. You will want to believe Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs just put out a new song.

They describe their music as Transcendental Folk. All I can tell you is that a few of their songs are worthy of national radio.

I went to see them later for their show and enjoyed all the flavors they offered. All 5 have cool voices and are equal musicians. Sweet Bonnie exposes an ability to create brilliant sounds and rhythms from about anything one could find at a rummage sale. They had a few guests join them which turned it up a notch or two. Listen out for what could become an Oregon anthem: 'Rogue River.'

Check to see if they will be touring near you:

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